I’ve found this post in my _posts directory. God bless Jekyll (GitHub repo) for this awesome static site generator.


I wanted to make a blog with Hexo, but I quickly understood that this framework wasn’t an option for me. And it’s all my fault. I’m not a programmer, you know. Oh, and English is not my mother language.

That’s why I hate reading documentation. Deploy, generate, commit, synch, update, et cetera, et cetera. Damn, do you know how to deal with words? You shouldn’t take a bunch of similar verbs and put them in one place! Especialy if you are going to use these words separately. In random places. Hexo documentation was playing with my vocabulary, attention span and lack of programming skills.

Nevertheless, I tried to find some instructions or examples on GitHub or StackOverflow. And, you know, Hexo is not as popular as Jekyll (at all). And people mean a lot for open-source projects (like Hexo or Jekyll): people ask questions, people give answers, people make plugins and themes, people create issues and fix bugs. Popularity makes these projects grow (and this growth results in becoming popular).

So I decided to try Jekyll. And it’s really cool and easy.

Now what?

Being honest, this blog is created with no purpose other than fulfilling my need in verbal vomiting. And (yay!) this astounding purpose is achieved.

I’ll write something reasonable next time.