Yesterday, I took my Mac, made some coffee, and started learning statistics. And 10 hours later, I can tell sigma and standard error apart (and standard deviation! and se! and sd! and sigma-hat! and… sd… or se… err, statisticians, why don’t you increase variability in used words and/or letters).

Here is a list of nice online courses dedicated to statistics and/or probability:

  • Intro to Descriptive Statistics and
  • Intro to Inferential Statistics on Udacity. These courses can be understood by anyone – kids, newborns, cats, slow and dumb people, lazy people, those who are allergic to formulas with sqrt() in the denominator… it’s very comprehensible, really.
  • Basic Statistics is more compelling, especially after descriptive statistics.
  • Statistical Inference from the Data Science Specialization. This course was unusually tough, though interesting and useful. And to succeed at it, I’ve spent some time on watching the three courses mentioned above.

That’s all, folks! Look at these cute plots: